Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Layover In Spain

The flight over from France wasn’t too bad but it was just the first leg of my journey home. It wasn’t easy to get the airline to agree to my strange stopover request without doubling my ticket price. I guess the recession has made them more flexible with flight schedules.

So, there I was, standing in the Spanish airport with 17.5 hours to kill on a crazy whim to maybe meet a woman I’d never even spoken to on the phone, let alone met in person. But, then, life is about taking chances, right? And you seemed like a good chance to take.

We were being silly and decided not to name a place but to just try to find each other wandering through a busy airport. Madness.

I walked through bookstores and cafes. I checked out the stands for the hotels, thinking that would be a naughty place to meet me. I went to the lost and found, the missing children area, the security desk. I thought I saw your ass and your hair on a woman but when I approached and tapped her on the shoulder – she definitely wasn’t you, though she smiled at me.

I was certain that this was going to turn out to be a giant bust. That I’d given up a day to hang out in a Spanish airport or, worse, an airport hotel, by myself. I wished I had a deck of cards.

But then I got a funny feeling as I was walking over to the taxi stand. I turned around and there I was staring into the eyes of a woman across a crowd of people who could only be you. It could only be you because my heart was pounding like it would pop out of my chest. And I could see that you were affected in the same way. We smiled at each other. You because you were being naughty and trailing me so that I wouldn’t get away but I wouldn’t find you either – not till you wanted me to. And me because of a profound sense of relief and, well, arousal. This might just happen and you were more beautiful in person.

As I stood there you walked through the crowd, never taking your eyes off of me, always smiling. You reached me, took my hand and kissed me on the mouth in a way that melted me. At that moment I would have followed you onto the runway.

Luckily you had other plans and led me not to my certain death but instead to a waiting cab. We climbed in and the driver seemed to know where he was going. I started to speak but you put your finger to my lips, then you unzipped my pants and took my cock in your hand.

I looked at the driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror but he was being very disciplined and never looked back. Not even when you went down on my cock with your beautiful lips and tongue, swallowing me whole. But by then I wasn’t paying attention anyway, my eyes were rolled back into my head.

You weren’t kidding when you said you were talented with your mouth, even at 60km/h you had me on the brink of an orgasm in under two minutes and it took all my focus to not cum in your mouth. But then you got both your hands in on the action, one of them cupping my balls, the other following your mouth up and down my shaft with a swirl and that was that. I came in that cab and left my fingernail marks in the door handle as I gripped it and struggled to keep in what wanted to be a very loud moan of ecstasy. And you took in every drop, then tucked my cock away and sat up to give me a soft, warm kiss. You whispered in my ear: “so that you won’t be distracted over dinner. And as a preview.” My cock might have been shrinking by my heart was still pounding.

You took me to a beautiful tapas restaurant and I paid (and tipped handsomely) the cabbie. Inside was equally beautiful and the food and red wine were to die for. You knew just what to order. It was like sex in my mouth. You had planned a full sensual experience for us, covering every sense it seemed, including the intellect. I was charmed by your wit as much as by your oral talents and your easy laugh.

I’ve always thought that Tapas meals, with their small bits, was about the details – this flavour, that texture. And my time with you seemed to be exactly the same. I reveled in the curve of your eyes, the shape of your bottom lip, the texture of the skin on your ears. Just as I smelled the earthy bouquet of the wine, I smelled the natural perfume of your hair and how it differed from that of your skin. I wanted to taste and know your every bit, each on its own, as well as part of your totality.

Dinner ended and we walked hand in hand to your apartment. It felt so luxurious and slow, even though I had to be back at the airport in 12 hours. For now we pretended, enjoyed the leisure of this Tapas Moment that we’d chosen off of the tray.

You had a cute apartment but you led me straight to the bedroom where there was more wine waiting, along with two glasses. Even though it was hot, we lit two candles and closed the drapes.

The two of us stood facing each other in the middle of the room, smiling, anxious for the next course, sipping our wine. With a light finger I slid a strap of your dress off of your shoulder. You took my wine from my hand and indicated to my shirt with a nod of your head. I obeyed, pulling it over my head. Then you took a sip of wine and passed me both glasses. With your hands free, you slipped your other strap off of your shoulder and wriggled your dress down to the floor.

I’d seen your body in photos, in your sassy lingerie, but live and in person was another thing entirely. It made my heart pound till I thought it might crack a rib. By the shiver that passed up your body, I think maybe you felt the same.

But if you were nervous or anxious it wasn’t at all apparent by your manner. For you just leaned into me, gave me a kiss and passed to me your sip of red wine. It was like you were giving me your blood, your life, it felt that intense; and we passed it back and forth to each other until it was gone and we were left licking each other’s lips to get what was left.

And I was so distracted by our sharing of the wine that I didn’t even notice that you had unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. It was only when they fell to the floor and I felt the breeze blowing over my legs that I clued in. I stepped out of the pile of clothes and into your arms and we danced a slow tango around the room, kissing and staring into each other’s eyes.

Feeling like I owed you one from the cab ride to the restaurant, I pushed you onto the bed and climbed on top of you. I was looking forward to exploring every inch of your body and I did it now with the enthusiasm of a mountain climber or a spelunker who has discovered a new range of mountains or a deep, mysterious cave.

You closed your eyes, arms above your head, and hummed the most beautiful tune as my hands wandered over your body. I wish I could name that song because it haunts me still. And at the time that song set my rhythm as I stroked and kissed your shoulders and collar bones, your cheeks and ears, working my way down to your breasts where I removed your bra. The music continued as I took each of your breasts in my mouth, tasting their rosebud tips.

It was only when I reached your pelvis that the song hitched, as you took in a sharp inhale of breath when my tongue traced the inside of your pelvis down to your thighs. Then I found your hands on my head, stroking my hair, my cheeks and neck.

I lightly lifted the top edges of your black panties and slid them down over your thighs, following behind with my tongue and soft kisses. The smooth skin of your legs was like silk against my tongue, though there was a light layer of sweat that made them salty. Soon I was down at your feet, and gladly kissed and sucked on each of your pretty toes as I peeled your panties off the final inches and let them fall to the floor.

Now I worked my way back up towards your beautiful smooth pussy. Again your breath hitched in your throat because you knew where I was headed and the anticipation was almost as hot as my tongue would be.

Up your shins, around your knees, tracing the inside of each thigh – all the while, my hands navigated the curves of your body, tracing a circuit from your round ass, over your hips and belly, back up to your breasts. I only wished that I could touch it all at the same time; that my hands were like a sensual liquid with a thousand nerve endings that could cover your entire body.

Finally I reached the place where your legs met in warmth and dampness. I could feel the humidity of your pussy warming my face and filling my nostrils. Your hands were gripping my hair tightly as I brought my face close to you and flicked my tongue lightly over your outer lips. A small chirp escaped your lips and made me think of an exotic bird seeing the sun at dawn. Wanting to encourage that song I ran the tip of my tongue up and down over your outer lips, wetting them with my saliva until they were slick and tasted salty from your juices. Then I slid my tongue deeper to caress your inner lips, stroking them. And finally I pushed my tongue all the way inside you as you lifted you legs and set them upon my back, encouraging me to bury my face deeper into your wetness.

Your passion made me hotter as I fucked you with my tongue, sliding it as far inside of you as I could. My arms were wrapped under and around your legs and my hands stroked your belly. Inside my pants I was so hard that it was hurting and I wanted more than anything to be inside you.

You must have read my mind because you breathlessly demanded that I give you my cock. I was only too happy to oblige. I stood and undid my pants, letting them fall to the floor as you stroked your pussy and licked your lips. Then I climbed on the bed, straddling you and bringing my hard cock over your mouth. You grabbed at it hungrily, swallowing it like someone lost in the desert drinks a glass of water. My body convulsed with the wave of pleasure that coursed in a wave emanating from my cock to my toes and then up my spine to my tingling scalp. I had to lean forward on my hands to steady myself.

But while I loved fucking your beautiful mouth, I wanted more than anything to be inside your pussy and so I reluctantly pulled myself out of you. I climbed off the bed now and pulled your ass to the edge, legs over my arms. I brought my pelvis towards you and let the tip of my cock brush against your pussy lips, watching you shiver with each moment of contact. With your wetness making the tip of my cock I pushed it inside of you, letting each millimeter experience you before I pushed forward the next one. Soon the whole head of my cock was inside of you and we were both hyperventilating. Then bit by bit, I buried my shaft inside of you until I’d fully disappeared and my hips were pressed against yours.

Once I was all the way inside of you, we paused, allowing ourselves to experience the never to be repeated pleasure of the first time we were interpenetrated. You bit your lower lip and stared into my eyes as I struggled to control my breathing and stared into yours. Somehow it seemed like an hour and, at the same time, only a few seconds as I slowly drew myself back and out of you – all the way to the very tip – before plunging back into you. This time as I was fully engulfed by you I wound my hips against you and you let out that same chirp I’d heard before. I leaned forward on top of you so that I could feel your breasts against my chest and your lips on mine while I was inside of you. It was the closest we would get to the liquid I imagined myself becoming and feeling you all at once.

As I slid myself in and out of you it was slow at first, enjoying every inch of the experience. But soon we picked up speed. Our bodies began to slap together and you placed your arms on my shoulders. Now the bed was rocking and you were cursing in English and Spanish, demanding I fuck your hot pussy. I was moaning with the overwhelming sensation that filled my whole being and that drew my balls up tight against me. Then even words left you and you whimpered, shaking your head from side-to-side as I pumped you at full speed. You could feel the orgasm rising in you and your back was rising from the bed.

Suddenly you went over the edge and, like an electric surge, it pushed you upright so that you wrapped your arms around my neck and buried your tongue in my mouth. Your orgasm then pushed me over edge and I cursed loudly as I pushed myself as deep inside you as I could and felt everything in my balls emptying out inside of you. Convulsion after convulsion wracked both of our bodies and I fell on to the bed on top of you as we wound our legs around each other and kissed and moaned all at the same time.

Soon the full explosion of the climax had passed and we lay, twitching with aftershocks, in each other’s arms, kissing and sucking tongues. We whispered to each other how hot the experience was and then drifted off to sleep.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Night Shift

God, sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. Agreeing to accept this overnight catering gig was a favour to my friend but now I just wanted to end my friendship. The deal was this: show up, set up a self-serve dinner buffet for a group of lawyers engaged in intense negotiations on behalf of some company and then sit around all night and be at their beck and call. It seemed easy enough and the cash they were going to pay me was brilliant. And, if you’re going to be a writer in this world, you gotta be prepared to accept stupid gigs like this to fill the gaps.
So, that’s what I was doing, filling gaps. And it was hell. The lawyers were pre-occupied with the minutiae of some book length contract, with precise definitions of terms. Eavesdropping on their conversations was more boring than staring at the wall or counting the hairs on my arm. Unfortunately, staring at the wall was precisely what I was doing. I was supposed to be at the lawyers’ beck and call, except that they weren’t calling. I think I ate more of the plentiful food than they did. And I stared at the wall. I brought along my laptop to get some work done but foolishly I forgot my power cord at home and by eleven o’clock at night I was out of juice.
So, I walked over to the counter where all the support workers were making changes to documents, printing them out and running them over to the lawyers. Of course they were almost exclusively women – just like the banker-lawyer dudes were almost exclusively men. This place was jam-packed with computers, somebody must have a plug for an Apple laptop. A 20-something woman, dressed hot like she should have been in a nightclub smiled as I approached.
“Hi, I was just wondering if you had a plug for my laptop,” I asked her. “I’m completely out of fuel.”
She smiled and I melted looking at her perfect lips and her very present breasts in a top cut way too low for midnight in a business office. “This is a financial services company, Macs are banned.”
“Of course,” I replied. “Capitalism hates creativity.”
She winked and nodded.
From one of the cubicles behind her a female computer geek held up a Mac power cord.
“You rock,” I told her as she stood and walked towards me. “Thank you so much, I was going to lose my mind if I didn’t have any way of doing work.”
“I know,” she said and crinkled her nose. “I go crazy if I don’t have my laptop.”
The club girl laughed at the geek. “You are a total nerd.”
The geek shrugged and laughed off the comment. “You got tits, I got brains. Which do you think will sag first?”
I just about fell over at that. Even club girl had to let out a big guffaw. She turned to the other people squirreling away at work behind her.
“Did you hear that?” she asked and then repeated the joke to them. More laughter. Then she turned back to me. “Well, you got what you wanted, it shouldn’t be too bad a night.”
“If I got what I really wanted, I wouldn’t be sitting here serving coffee to lawyers.”
“Oh, lawyers aren’t so bad,” club girl chided me.
The geek rolled her eyes. “They’re Satan,” she corrected.
“I have to agree with her,” I said.
The club girl smacked my arm lightly and laughed. “Well, maybe it won’t be such a bad night. Just keep an open mind.” Then she gave me a little wink and turned back to her duties.
That was flirty, I thought and walked back to the lounge.
It was a big relief to be able to do something other than read the outdated news magazines that were spread around the room. But it seemed that no sooner had I settled in than it was time for me to lay on their snacks.
In the kitchen was enough food for three brigades of overweight executive-types and there wasn’t even one brigade in the house. A lot of food was going to go to wasted. But it was my job to heat up trays of hors d’oeuvres and set them out for the law guys to munch on every couple of hours. It was a difficult thing to maneuver because it was a very small kitchen with not a lot of counter space. In the middle of the room was a low cart with shelves. It helped but only a bit.
I stood at the toaster oven, staring at it as it counted down the time to toasting the mini spanakopitas inside. It’s true how time slows when you count the seconds. I’d already arranged the vegetable crudités and creamy ranch dressing in a bowl, what else was I to do.
Behind me I heard the door open and the geek girl walked into the room.
“Oh, hey,” I said. “Hungry? There’s tons to eat.”
She just smiled and turned back to the door. She took the little rubber wedge and jammed it under the door, so that it was sealed shut.
“Would you like a little revenge?” she asked and her eyes twinkled behind her glasses.
“On the lawyers or my friend who got me this gig?”
“The lawyers. A little proletarian insurgency.”
“Hell, yeah.” I was really starting to like geek girl. Behind the conservative outfit was a bit of a firebrand.
But I tell you I was completely taken by surprise when she walked over and stuck her hand down my pants. I didn’t even get a boner I was so shocked. Who does that? I swear to you in all the many completely random sex acts that I’ve been involved, nothing like this has ever happened. They’ve almost all been planned beforehand, over the internet.
Of course I wasn’t thinking exactly these thoughts right at that moment because I had a woman stroking my cock and sucking on my tongue. I had to grab the counter to steady myself.
I pushed her back a bit. “Is this usual? You know, with caterers.”
She shrugged in a way that was completely adorable as she continued to stroke my cock. “Would you still want to fuck if it was?”
Now that we were closer I could see that while she didn’t dress like a hoochy-mama, she was no slack in the woman department. She had curved and smallish, perky breasts underneath her blouse. And while her glasses were too big for her face, as soon as she took them off you could see the lovely curve of her jaw and her full lips.
“Yeah. I respect you more if it’s what you do to survive this place.”
“Good,” she said and went down on her knees and undid my pants. I feel confident saying that she gave me the best blow job any geek ever has. I don’t know where she learned it but that woman could take my cock all the way down her throat without even wincing. And she had her little finger slick and in my ass quicker than anything as her other hand swirled around my shaft and balls, following her mouth up and down. I had to grab the counter to keep myself steady, the rush of pleasure was so intense.
“Oh, God,” I moaned. “In ten second I’m going to cum in your mouth, so if you want me to fuck you, you need to ease up.”
She took her mouth off of my cock and looked up at me and smiled. Her lips looked even fuller and redder after trying a mouthful of me. “Mmm, I want you to fuck my pussy before you cum.”
Who was I to argue.
She stood up and slowly stripped off her clothes for me as I watched. One button at a time she undid her blouse and let it drift open so that I could see she wore no bra underneath. I was right, her breasts were small and very perky, with her nipples standing firmly at attention. Then she reached around behind her and unzipped her skirt, wriggling it over her ass and down to the floor.
I don’t believe in God but there was a moment, when I saw her curves and her smooth skin that I could only wonder that there must be a supreme creator in the universe. And that supreme creator must have rolled some kind of big motherfucking dice and my name came up with a lucky number seven in the sex department. This woman, in her fruit of the looms, was the hottest woman I have ever…wow. She was hotter than all the sexy thong wearing women I’ve been with. And we were about to connect in that carnal way that was once reserved only for married couples in the dark and in shame. The stupid fuckers.
I don’t remember moving my hands but my clothes were on the floor in about three seconds and Geek Girl was in my arms. I took pleasure in feeling the curve of her back where it met her ass as our tongues probed each others’ mouths. Reaching down between her legs I could feel how wet and slippery she was and my breath caught in my chest every time the skin of our bodies grazed each other. I knew what people meant when they say that there was sparks.
“I want you in my cunt,” she moaned in my ear as I fingered her with one hand and continued to explore that incredible terrain of her body with my other. “We don’t have much time,” she reminded me.
I didn’t hesitate, I wanted her very badly. I could practically feel her heat wrapped around me. I spun her around and bent her over the table, over the crudités and cookies and other sundry tasties. Then I took the tip of my cock and rubbed it against her slippery pussy lips. She inhaled sharply and then pushed herself onto my cock, so that it was buried all the way up to the top of the shaft. With one hand I grabbed her shoulder to push myself deeper and with the other I spread her ass cheeks. I began sliding myself in and out as I licked my index finger, getting it soaking wet and slippery and then lubed up her tight little asshole before sliding it all the way, inch by inch, in to her ass. Geek Girl gasped against and writhed her hips against me.
“God, yes,” she moaned, then demanded: “Another finger.” I obeyed.
Soon I had three fingers in her ass and was giving her my best imitation of double-penetration as she grabbed the table and tried to not knock the snacks on the floor. By now our bodies were slapping together and I was having to concentrate hard on baseball and dirty dishes to keep from blowing my load. Her pussy was so slick and so tight, I could feel it gliding over every inch of my cock, from head to base. My balls were pulled up so tight to my body I thought they might climb right inside.
“Jesus Christ,” I moaned. “I’m going to fucking cum.”
She pulled herself off of me and spun around to stroke and suck my cock. It was about all I could take and I started to convulse with an orgasm. Geek Girl pulled my cock out of her mouth and held the creamy ranch dressing underneath my dick as she stroked and pull all of my cum out of me. And believe me when I say there was a lot. I wanted to stop her, I did. But I was too wracked, too overwhelmed with the orgasm to do anything but shake and spurt as she sucked on my balls.
Finally, I regained control of my senses as she sucked the last drops out of the end of my rapidly shrinking knob.
“Let me finish you too,” I said and pulled her to her feet.
“Oh, you’ve given me all the pleasure I could ask for,” she said. Then she reached into the drawer behind me, took out a spoon and stirred up the creamy ranch dressing.
“I can’t serve that,” I told her.
“You don’t have to,” she replied. “I will.” Then she quickly pulled on her clothes, plopped the dressing bowl back into the middle of the crudite tray and carried it out through the door. As for me, I’m such a pussy I even washed my hands before I served the rest of their snack. I guess I figured they’d had enough body fluids for the night. I did notice that all the other women who worked there were smiling at me. I have the distinct impression that it just happened to be Geek Girl’s turn in an ongoing campaign of underground class struggle. Or should I say ass struggle. I was definitely glad to do my part to change the world. Who says a man’s cock can only meet selfish ends?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bars & Stars

I got to the bar right on time but I kept wondering if I’d remembered the time wrong or something. Because now it was a half hour past the time I was supposed to meet her and she still wasn’t there. And there’s something embarrassing about sitting alone in a bar on a Saturday night because you’ve been stood up. She was hot too. And seemed above board. We’d chatted a half dozen times online. She called me – always with her number blocked, to be sure, but still… Well, I guess I knew what all that was worth right at this moment: bupkiss.
It might not have been so bad if I still drank booze. Or smoked. But I was sitting at this university pub sipping a mineral water. And I was feeling old because, well, I was the oldest person in the room, except for the poor guy who was trying to sell flowers.
“You want flower for your lady?” he asked me.
I looked at the empty seats around me. ‘What lady?”
“The one you are meeting.”
She was now forty-five minutes and three bottles of mineral water late. I snorted. “There’s no one coming.”
“Then for good luck.”
I shrugged and gave him five bucks and he gave me a red rose, then patted me on the back.
After all that mineral water my bladder was stretched beyond human capacity. I asked the bartender to watch my stuff and shuffled off to get the only relief I was likely to experience that night.
The toilet stank like piss and beer and sweaty college boy hormones. And there were two dudes in there trying to figure out how best to purse their lips in a way that made them look sexy but not gay.
“Dude, the key is bottom lip,” the tall one said. “Like this.” And he stuck out his bottom lip.
“No, man,” the shorter one shot back. “You look like you’re pouting.”
“Exactly. Chicks dig guys that pout.”
Wow, these guys are our future, I thought to myself and shook off the last drops. I left them still debating the exactly relation of upper and lower lips and whether it was acceptable to use the tongue as a prop behind the lips.
Out at the bar there was someone sitting in my seat. Actually there were two someone’s – you and your friend. My first feeling was to be a bit pissed. I’d been gone less than two minutes, had my illusions in the potential of our youth shattered and returned to discover that someone was sitting on my coat and had put the mineral water bottle upside down in my glass. This was some night.
“Excuse me,” I said. “That was my seat.”
“No one was sitting here,” you replied.
“Um, my coat’s on the...”
You turned around and looked. “Oh, my god. I totally didn’t see that. I’m so stupid. I’m really sorry.”
Your friend laughed at you. “Retard. I was wondering what you were doing.”
“Why didn’t you say something,” you shot back.
“Because I figured you knew them or something.”
“It’s OK,” I interrupted. “Can I just grab my jacket?”
At the moment you looked at the mineral bottle half-floating in my glass and I think the rest of the puzzle snapped into place for you.
“That was your drink, wasn’t it? I’m such an idiot. I was just telling my friend this story about a guy and… I wasn’t paying attention. Can I buy you another?”
“Don’t worry about it. I was just…”
“I insist. Let me buy you another.” You waved the bartender over and ordered me another drink and one for each of you, some kind of purple martinis. Then you introduced yourselves. It was only at that moment that I noticed how pretty you are because before then you kind of had your back to me and all I could see was your blonde hair and your profile. Now you gave me a big toothy grin and, while you’re quite a bit younger than me, I couldn’t help but imagine you gobbling me up with those pearly whites of yours.
“A pleasure to meet you both,” I said. Then I picked up my mineral water and walked over to an empty table. You know how it is, you get stood up and your ego takes a bruising. You don’t exactly feel like hopping back into the saddle right away again.
So, I sat down and pulled out a book and sipped my mineral water. I figured I’d finish it off and head back home. It seems however that you had other plans because you and your friend came over and sat down at the table with me.
“Are you here alone?” you asked.
“Yeah,” I said and smiled. “Stood up.”
“Bummer,” your friend said. “That happened to me once.”
“What’d you do?”
“I picked someone else up,” she said. “Someone else better.” We laughed.
“Nice one,” you said and high-fived her. “Maybe that’s what you need to do,” you suggested to me.
“Maybe,” I said. “This bar’s not really my demographic.”
“Demographic?” you laughed. “Were you meeting someone for a date or to conduct research?” You took a sip of your martini and looked at me from under your lashes. I was starting to get the impression that you were both up to something.
“Maybe both.”
“Well, I’d do you,” your friend said and looked over at you.
You nodded. “Yeah, me too. Totally.”
“Are you making an offer or conducting a poll?” I asked.
The two of you looked at each other and smiled.
“She lives around the corner,” you said, leaving me no doubt as to the answer to my question. To underline the point you both threw back your martinis and stood up.
As we walked out the door and down the nearby sidestreet I asked, “was this your plan for the night or did you just get the idea when you saw me?” I was fishing for a compliment but I was also just interested.
You smiled. “My horoscope said that today a stranger would bring me and a friend closer together.”
“You can’t defy fate,” your friend informed me with a grin.
“No, I wouldn’t even want to try,” I replied. I felt like I was floating through a dream. Could this actually be happening?
I can only guess that your friend has some cash because her apartment was pretty sweet – a very stylish downtown loft. And if she’s a student and living alone in a place like that, she’s not flipping hamburgers on the weekend to pay the rent. I wasn’t about to complain or give a lesson in Marxist economics. There’s more than one way to fuck the bourgeoisie.
We walked through the door and your friend went to the fridge to make us some drinks and roll a joint. You were more hungry than thirsty though. You pushed me into the giant beanbag chair and climbed on top of me. I could feel your firm ass through my jeans and it gave me an instant boner.
I looked up at your kissable lips, at your hair that was golden and creamy all at once, and into your eyes where I could see trouble brewing like a bush fire. I’ll never forget your impish smile as you leaned forward to kiss me. Nor how loud your heart was pounding. You were acting brave but the sound of your heart gave you away and when I took your hand I could feel it was sweaty and shaking. That you made the first move even though you were nervous made you even more hot to me.
“Fuck the drinks,” you called over your shoulder to your friend. “Get in here.”
You pulled me to my feet as your friend came back in the room. She’d already stripped down to her bra and panties and she was something to look at, though you’d already won my heart.
“Mmmm,” she said as she stood and looked at me, and I looked at her. “Let’s strip him.” Yeah, you had my heart but I decided that I was willing to give her a major organ too.
You stepped forward and tore off my jacket. And your friend came over and undid the buckle on my belt. Then you peeled my shirt over my head as she pushed my pants down to my ankles and helped me step out of them.
“Pinch me,” I asked you. You understood my meaning and smiled. Then you pulled me towards you and bit my cheek. “Ow,” I laughed and turned my head to kiss you.
God, your lips were so soft and your tongue darted in and out of my mouth like a bee in a wildflower garden. You wrapped your arms around my head and pulled it tight to you, stroking my head and hair.
I’d almost forgotten about your friend when I felt her mouth wrap around my cock and my knees buckled. But you kept me upright and focused with your quicksilver tongue and your hands, comically, on my ears.
The pleasure of two mouths was like a sensory overload and I had to focus on one at a time. As much as I loved your friend’s blowjob, it was your kisses that I let wash over me. It was partly because I didn’t want to cum too soon and partly because you’re just a great kisser.
But there’s no doubt that your friend’s mouth was getting me hot. More than anything I wanted to rip your clothes off. It was almost impossible to focus on the tiny buttons the held your shirt closed, followed by the complicated clasp on your bra. It’s a miracle of concentration that I managed to get through it but then maybe you were guiding me. It’s all a blur.
What I remember is the first touch of your breast in my hands. The skin, so soft, and your nipples, so hard. They brushed against the palm of my hand and you gasped lightly at the stimulation. Then I stroked and twisted them softly as we kissed deeply and your body undulated for the first time as you gasped at my touch.
“I want to eat your pussy,” I told you.
“God, yes.”
I reached behind you and unzipped your skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I opened my eyes so that I could take my first look at you naked. It wasn’t a disappointment. Your curves - from your waist to your hips, from your back to your ass – were breathtaking. I wanted to trace those curves with my fingers and my tongue. You were like Venus.
Down at my waist your friend was putting in great effort on my cock as she played with herself. One hand stroked my shaft and balls as her other hand was buried deep in her panties.
I reached down and lifted her chin to me. “Let’s go to the bed,” I said and she nodded, panting and shaking.
As the three of us arrived at the bed I turned to you. “I want to see you eat her hot pussy.”
“I thought you were going to eat my pussy?” you asked.
“I am if you eat her right. Don’t you want to give your friend something special?”
“Oh, god,” she said. “Yes, please, please eat my pussy. I’m so fucking hot.”
You smiled at me. “A stranger will bring you and a friend closer together.”
You turned to her and pushed her onto the bed on her back. She scrabbled backwards up to the end of the bed and waited. Then you climbed onto the bed towards her, your legs on either side of her. In the full-sized mirror on the wall behind her headboard I could see the dirty grin you wore. Every inch closer to her you came, the more she was panting – and that was turning you on. I stroked my cock and let this moment play out.
You told me that when you first kissed her it was like a jolt of electricity shot down your body into your pussy and then bounced back up, through your mouth and into her. I swear that I saw you both jump from the electricity of the moment. In one moment your mouths were on each other and in the next your legs were intertwined and you were grinding your pussies against each other.
I admit that I was a little jealous watching how much pleasure you were giving each other but it was also a beautiful thing to watch. And my cock was so hard that I had to be careful not to push myself over the edge. There was no way I was going to cum by my own hand tonight.
You both moaned and writhed in each others’ arms and kisses. I could see that you were both soaking wet. Then, somehow, she spun around underneath you so that her head was underneath your pussy, as yours was over top of hers. She grabbed your ass cheeks, spreading them and pulled your hot wetness onto her mouth.
You let out a loud curse and a squeal then you returned the favour to her, fucking your friend with your tongue, as you pushed her legs all the way back to get a deeper penetration.
I watched for maybe a minute, mesmerized by the intensity of the pleasure you each were feeling and by how naturally you explored each others’ bodies. Then I exhaled and regained my senses. I knew I had to be part of this circle of pleasure; it was a moment I couldn’t let pass.
I climbed onto the bed and kneeled in front your pussy, where your friend was working hard to drive you to an orgasm. I touched her hair to let her know I was there and she looked up at me, her lids half closed and her mouth open in ecstasy. I leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth as I let my fingers discover the softness of your labia and the wet heat of your pussy.
You knew that this was someone else’s hands upon you and the thought of two people focusing on giving you pleasure must have been hot. Your hips writhed under my touch and you whimpered as you gorged on her. And she let out little peeps and moans as our tongues rolled one over the other.
But soon we were both back to your pussy that was so tasty we couldn’t help but return to it. With both our tongues working on you dripping cunt, she flicking your clit and me penetrating you, you were going wild. I had to hold your legs just so you wouldn’t accidentally snap our necks. And I could tell that your frenzy of passion was driving forward your own tongue work on her by the way her body shook and rocked and by the sounds that she made.
I could see that you were both getting close to reaching your orgasms, the way that your bodies were moving like liquid and the urgency of your mouths. I wanted more than anything to cum with you. As I tongued your asshole I quickly rolled a condom down my hard cock. Then I got back onto my knees and grabbed hold of your beautiful ass. It was like a work of art.
Your friend saw my cock and just about lost her mind on your clit. As I pushed myself inside of you, you let out another stream of curse words and my cock was swallowed by your soaking wet pussy.
It was awkward at first to thrust and withdraw while she sucked on your pussy but we quickly worked out a rhythm that worked and soon as I pounding against you. You lifted your head and let out a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a moan and then “fuck fuck fuck”. Then your body started to shake and you buried your face in your friend’s crotch again.
That orgasmic energy must have passed through you and into her because she was very soon bucking and grunting with pleasure. Nor was she a greedy lover because she reached up with her hand and took hold of my balls, now tight against my body, and passed the energy on to me.
“Eat my pussy, you bitch. Fucking eat me!” you hollered and she obeyed.
“Yes, yes. God I love your pussy,” she replied and went back to work.
“Fuck me, give me your cock,” you ranted and I did, pumping you even harder. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god,” you chanted.
“Yes, yes, yes,” you friend replied.
“Stick your finger in my ass,” I told her and she did, getting it wet with your juices and then sliding it all the way inside of me. I thrust so hard into you that I almost threw you off of your friend, but you had your arms wrapped tight around her waist. Still, it was enough to push you over the edge and your body was wracked with a rising pleasure, bending your back and raising gooseflesh on your ass. I bent over you and grabbed your tits, feeling your nipples, hard as pebbles, against the skin of my hands.
Your friend was also reaching her climax as you collapsed against her. She let out a squeal and had to close her legs to stop your tongue before she went into a seizure.
“God, I’m gonna cum,” I told you.
“Yes, fill me up. Cum in my pussy,” you commanded.
If I had any other plans your friend made sure that I didn’t pursue them. With her finger in my ass she maneuvered forward until she was under my balls and sucked and licked them so that every bit of my being became focused on my cock. I felt like a volcano, like a missile, or like a nuclear bomb in the millisecond before it explodes outwards. My consciousness was reduced to that tiny focal point and then I exploded in a gusher of that drained my whole body and emptied out the end of my cock inside of you. I grabbed your ass and pressed myself as far inside of you as I could as you wound your ass and your body shook.
It felt like my balls would never empty as convulsion after convulsion shook my whole being, spraying liquid inside of you. Finally there was nothing left and I collapsed forward over you and you cooed softly to me, “mmm, yes. You feel so good in me.”
We rolled over onto our sides so that we lay in a heap of naked limbs, impossibly twisted, trying to catch our breaths.
“Do you feel like you know each other better now?” I asked.
“Do you still feel like your cyber-sex girlfriend stood you up?” you replied.
I laughed and then remembered: I hadn’t told you about meeting someone from online. I looked over to say something but then you were smiling at me. It was such a beautiful smile that I forgot what it was and laid back on the bed.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Journey On A Gurney

If I’d known you were going to show up for our meeting in rollerblades – during the snowiest March since I can remember – well, I’d have suggested mukluks instead.
Not that you would have done anything different. I get the impression that you’re a pretty stubborn gal. I think you know why.
There I was, freezing my ass off waiting for you on a bench down by Sunnyside Park, thinking to myself: “who sets up a date to fuck outside by the lake this time of year.” But you swore that it would be the most amazing sensual experience ever. And from your picture, I could see that you had maybe the hottest, tightest body ever, with a very pretty face and beautiful golden hair.
Saps like me never say no to women like you, that’s one of those truths of the universe like death & taxes. At least in this universe.
So, there I was shivering on the bench when this bundle of craziness comes zooming towards me in a skirt and a parka. I tell you, if it weren’t for the skirt, I’d have had no idea it was even a woman. Then you lowered your scarf so that I could see your beautiful smile and your bright eyes. And you giggled. And suddenly I was warm.
If only life were that simple: girl skates up, music rises, they kiss on the beach. Nope.
You hit a patch of ice on the path and spun around three times. I thought at first that you were showing off but then the look on your face gave you away. But before I could do anything you wiped out and landed face down on the sidewalk.
I rushed over to you to make sure you were ok and you were laughing and crying all at the same time. One of your arms was pinned underneath you and as soon as you moved, you screamed in pain. Already your wrist was swelling up and changing colour.
“Oh, my god. Oh, my god. It hurts so much.”
“Put snow on it,” I suggested. “It’ll stop the swelling.” Then I rushes out and, miraculously, flagged down a cab. Then I bundled you inside and off we went to St. Joe’s emergency room.
I hate emergency rooms. Unless you’re having a heart attack, they take forever. You wait in the lobby. You wait in the waiting area. You wait in the triage. And sometimes you wait some more in another waiting area. Luckily, St. Joe’s isn’t the busiest in the city. It’s only two to four hours of your life that you’ll lose.
You kept apologizing for being so stupid. I kept telling you to not worry about it. That passed some time. Finally the doctor found the time to see you and we went through the exam. It got a little uncomfortable when he asked us our relationship: “oh, we met online and we were just going to fuck in a park.” That wouldn’t do. But we didn’t even know each others’ last name. You made me wait out of earshot when you were checking in because you wanted to maintain the “mystery” of our encounter. I laughed and shook my head. You’re a real trooper, no doubt about it. However, the nurse just thought I was an asshole.
After the doctor did a preliminary exam we had to wait until the x-ray room was free. He said it could be a while and so he let you stay laying on the gurney, behind a curtain.
“How long,” I asked. I was getting a bit nervous that I would have to leave before you were done.
“Forty-five minutes. Maybe. Maybe less.” He smiles a doctor smile and then left us.
“You can go,” you told me. “I won’t be upset. I was stupid and…”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” I cut you off. “We agreed to go on a date and dammit, I want my full date, even if it means sitting around in an emergency.”
We both laughed, which was a nice relief. Then you smiled at me and got a glint in your eye. I knew you were up to no good.
“If we’re going to have the date, then we should have the date.”
“What?” I asked, confused.
“It was a fuck date. Let’s fuck,” you said.
“But we’re in a public…”
“An orgasm would be the best painkiller right now. Do you want to be gentleman or not?”
My heart started pounding at the thought of fucking you right there so close to everyone else. “I want to be a gentleman, of course.”
“Then climb up onto the bed and fuck me.”
I slipped off my boots and laid them on the floor next to your rollerblades and climbed into bed beside you. It was tight. Cozy, you might say.
You rolled over and kissed me, your lips parting and your tongue flicking inside my mouth. I returned the pleasure. It was no time at all and your sensual kisses had me hard as a rock.
“Mmmmm,” you moaned and rubbed up against my erection. Then you whispered in my ear. “I want you to fuck me from behind.”
You rolled over and the pleasure of feeling your ass against my crotch was indescribable. It was firm and round without even tensing up. And it joined to your thighs, which were equally tight. For a moment I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of your pressure your back end against me. Then I explored your body with my hands, feeling your sumptuous curves, your flat abs and soft skin, your perfectly sized, perky breasts. I took each one of them in my hand and they fit perfectly as I could feel your nipples rise under my touch and soft sighs escaped your lips.
Now you were grinding into me as you became more aroused. I kissed your neck and ears, biting them, licking them. The gurney was rocking softly and I was worried that we would roll out into the main hallway mid-coitus.
I reached down between your legs, under the beltline of your skirt, searching for the warmth I knew was down there, waiting for me. You didn’t disappoint me. Your waxed pussy was smooth and soft and your lips were warm and moist. As soon as I touched them I could feel your body shiver and I could see you bite your lip. You twisted yourself around to me, kissing me at an awkward angle. I’m sure it was to give you something to do with your mouth other than call out.
As we lay there, kissing deeply, twisted around each other, I stroked your increasingly wet pussy. I felt the heat radiating off of your labia and from deeper parts inside of you and I spread your juices around your pussy lips and over your clitoris, which I now rubbed gently, feeling it rise to my touch.
“Oh, god, fuck me now,” you insisted. “If they come back and you haven’t fucked me I’ll lose my mind.”
“Gladly,” was all I could manage. Not very clever but I didn’t feel like I needed to be at just this moment. I took a moment to reach down and unbutton my pants before pushing them down to my knees. You felt my hard cock flop out against your ass and you instinctively arched your back, hungering for it.
“Oh, god,” you moaned softly.
I reached into my shirt pocket and took out a condom, tearing open the package. The way you were rubbing up against me I was worried I might slide in any moment without protection on. It was like a porno version of “Beat the Clock”. I won. It was the fastest roll-down in history as I got the condom over my cock and then slid inside you. You let out a little gasp and I grunted softly in your ear as I pushed my cock all the way inside of you.
Your pussy was so tight, so soft and so slippery I almost came as soon as it swallowed up my whole cock. I had to think about baseball games and dirty dishes for several seconds before I dared move at all.
Once I felt like I had regained control, I reached around you again to take a breast in one hand and your pussy in the other. Then I began sliding in and out of you, our bodies rocking together as I stroked your clit.
No matter how much we tried to keep it slow and gentle, so that the old guy next door on the heart machine didn’t hear us, our passion got the better of us. Soon we were slapping together, quietly but distinctly and you were panting and squeaking with pleasure.
I can’t even describe how your fit body felt to hold, how your lips felt against mine and your hungry tongue felt in my mouth. It was sensory overload and the danger of being caught while fucking you doggy style on the gurney added to the crescendo of pleasure.
By now my hand was stroking your clit at high speeds, rubbing it hard and fast and your body was jerking as your orgasm approached. Finally you grabbed your pillow with your one free hand and buried your face in it so that you could cry out. But I could still hear you (as probably could the guy with the heart condition) and it pushed me over the edge. My balls pulled up tight against me, and my whole body jerked as I emptied myself out inside you, our bodies grinding and winding together. If they’d come in then they would have thought we were both having seizures we were so taken with the waves of ecstasy that flowed through and between us. I had to bite my lip so hard I drew blood just to keep from calling out.
And when we were done, lying there tangled in hospital sheets that smelled of bleach, neither of us wanted to move. The joy of our bodies pressed together was something we wanted to savour, nor did I want to withdraw myself from inside you. I could feel your heartbeat against my withering cock and it felt like if I could just stay inside you long enough we would reach a moment of equilibrium where both our hearts would beat in synch.
However, the voice of the doctor carried down the hall. He was coming back our way. I jumped off the bed, pulled off the condom and pulled up my pants. I’d just sat back down when he tore open the curtain.
“How are you doing?” he asked without much interest.
You smiled brightly and your face glowed. “Much better, Doctor.” You exhaled through your mouth. “Much much better.”
“Did somebody give you painkillers?” he asked and looked at me. “Because they shouldn’t have.”
I could only smile, shrug and shake my head. He harrumphed and told you to follow him to the x-ray room.
As you climbed off of the bed, your panties fell to the floor. The three of us stood there, staring at them, then we looked up and at each other. You blushed. Then I blushed. Then the doctor blushed and swallowed.
“Oh. Ok. Well, follow me then.” And he turned and walked away.
You looked at me, giggled and winked, then followed him.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Nightclubbing, We're Nightclubbing

It was a busy night at the nightclub and my manager had to leave early because of an emergency. So, he left me the keys to lock up. I’ve done it before and I always love these nights because I can sit here in the dark room, totally alone and sip a glass of red wine, enjoying the peacefulness of the place. Who would think that just a few hours ago it was wall-to-wall people, dancing, sweating and flirting as the band or the dj jammed out tunes on the stage at the other end of the room. When I close my eyes I can still hear the thumping of the beat in my ears and a soft ringing.
But now, it’s just silence and me and my wine. I was just thinking I would love to enjoy this peacefulness with somebody when you alerted me on Messenger. I didn’t even know that the program was on, so it was a doubly nice surprise because I hadn’t heard from you in months. In fact, though we had a real connection and some hot cyber sex, it never turned into anything and I just figured it was one of those things, ships in the night and all.
Well, your ship just turned into my harbour, I could see that right away. You just got in from clubbing and you were still wide awake and ready to go. Even online I could tell you were a bit tipsy because you were being a lot more forward than usual.
“Hey baby, I really miss you,” you typed. “I’d love to meet up 2-nite!”
I just about fell off my stool, to tell you the truth. It was so out of the blue and god knows there were nights I wanted to meet you really badly and I just sat and looked at the photos you sent me and jerked off instead. But now, here was an opportunity opening itself up.
“Can I come over,” I ask, my heart thumping in my chest. There’s a long pause and I’m afraid you’ve fallen asleep. Well, better that than going to some drunk woman’s house and I’m stone cold sober. That just feels cheap and a bit sleazy.
“No can do,” you finally reply. “My boyfriend is home. He’s crashed.”
“Can I come to your place?”
“I’m married.”
“Oh, yeah. Bummer.”
Fuck fuck fuck. I’ve blown it. The best opportunity ever to shag this really hot brunette and for lack of a place to do it, it’s not going to happen. I get an idea that is so obvious I can’t believe I never thought of it before. “U cum here,” I suggest and give her the address to my bar.
“B there in 5,” you reply and sign off.
Holy shit. I can’t believe this is going to happen. After all this time. Crap, I smell like the bar and sweat and booze. I need to go wash my dick at least.
I rush upstairs to the staffroom and splash water on my dick, then soap it up and rinse it off. My hands are shaking and I’m thinking stupid shit like “don’t touch your dick too much while you’re washing it or you’ll cum and then you won’t be able to get it up.” I didn’t cum and my dick did get clean. I’ve passed the first hurdle.
You weren’t kidding when you said 5 minutes. I’ve barely dried myself off when I hear pounding on the door downstairs. Holy shit, you’re here.
I bound down the steps to the front door and see you shivering there in your little jacket and short skirt. You don’t even have nylons on.
I open the door and let you in.
“Are you crazy? In that skirt? It’s 20 below out.”
You just shrug and smile a crooked smile. “I was starting to undress for bed when I saw you online. I didn’t think I needed to get all dressed up again.”
I nod. Who can argue with that? We’re not here to go hiking exactly.
“Make me a drink,” you demand and walk up to me and plant a soft kiss, before biting down on my lower lip. You grab my ass and walk into the bar. “If my boyfriend knew I was here, he’d kill us both.”
I laugh. “That’s a real turn-on.”
“Caveat emptor,” you reply. “Buyer beware. To be honest, I feel a bit guilty about this.”
“Then, why are you here?”
“Because I’m fucking horny but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel naughty.”
I’m wondering where this little game is going. Does she want me to talk her out of this? Or does she want something else. Since I want to get laid I decide to start with the second strategy first. If that bombs, I can always pull the plug.
“Maybe you want to feel naughty,” I suggest.
“Are you saying I’m a slut?”
“That’s what I’m saying. You’re a horny little slut. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be here at three in the morning in a short skirt and no panties or nylons.”
You stomp up to me and grab my belt buckle. “Well, maybe then I’ll just go home and you can fuck yourself.”
“Go then,” I say and push you away from me.
“Well…” you splutter and stand looking at me. “There’s no way I came all the way down here to not get any.”
“Tough luck,” I tell you. “I don’t like rude, little girls.”
You suck in air and open your mouth in anger. “How dare you. I’m not leaving till we fuck and I’m satisfied.”
“Then you will be here in the morning when the janitor comes to mop. Maybe he’ll fuck you.”
“Grrrrr,” you growl and stomp your feet. “I want you to fuck me.”
“Are we really having this conversation? This is surreal.”
You drop down to your knees in front of me. “Please, Mister Man, please fuck me.”
“No, you were a jerk to me.”
“I’ll do anything. Even just let me suck your cock. I swear, I’ll do anything. I’m just so fucking horny and it’s too late to screw my drunk-ass boyfriend. Please, please.”
“Are you a horny little slut?”
“Totally. I’m totally a horny little slut. I’ll fucking suck your cock right now, right here and you can cum in my mouth.”
I get a nasty idea in my head and indicate towards the stage with my chin.
“Then give me a lap dance.”
I walk over and turn the music on, then the spotlight on the stage.
“Somebody could see in.”
“Do you want me to fuck you?”
“Fine,” you pout and get up from the floor, following me to the stage. I take a chair from one of the tables on the floor and put it up onstage under the spot light. Then I sit down in it. The music is playing some forgettable dance number – it’ll do.
You sigh and climb onto the stage in front of me.
“You want me to dance right here?” you ask.
“In front of me, around me. I want you to dance to turn me on.”
You sway your hips and move a little bit but the look on your face is distinctly bored. About as hot as a cold fish. When your back is to me I lift your skirt and slap your ass. You let out a little shriek and spin on me.
“You looked like you might fall asleep.”
I grab you by your arm and pull you to me, bending you over my knee.
“What are you…”
I smack your ass.
I smack it again.
“Are you a bad little slut?”
“Ow. Yes. I’m a bad slut.”
“What do bad little sluts get?”
“Cock. I want your cock.”
“No, bad little sluts get nothing. Only good little sluts get cock. Are you going to be a good little slut?”
OK – timeout for a second. I don’t want anybody to get the impression that I think treating women like dirt is ok. And if you said to me at any point that it wasn’t cool, wasn’t what you wanted, then I would have stopped. No means no, after all. But people have fantasies and they aren’t always politically correct. So, what, you only fuck people whose sexual desires aren’t twisted? Dude, welcome to the real world – shit’s fucked up. And, when you’re horny, theoretical justifications aren’t exactly top of the priority list.
I could tell you agreed by the way you were panting. You were enjoying the spanking.
“I’ll be a good little slut from now on.”
“Then let’s see you dance again and if you’re good, you can suck my cock.”
You bite your lower-lip and nod your head at me, then you get up to your feet and start dancing. Now you have the spirit and you wind your hips and ass at me, covering your whole body with your hands, feeling yourself. Then you grind your ass into my crotch and I spring to attention in no time at all. God, I want you so bad I can taste you, which is what I intend to do.
When you lift yourself up from my crotch I lean forward and grab your ass, spreading your ass cheeks and I bury my face back there. I smell your pussy and feel how moist it is. I flick my tongue across your juicy lips and hear you yelp a little in pleasure at the surprise of my tongue on you. You push your ass towards my face and I oblige by burying my tongue inside your cunt. “Oh fuck,” you call out as you feel it enter you and then withdraw. “God, fuck me with your tongue.”
“I thought you wanted my cock though?” I tease.
“Oh, yes, I want your cock. But I want your tongue too.”
“Somebody’s a greedy little girl. Which is it?”
“Your cock. Let me have your cock.”
I turn you around and direct you down onto your knees in front of me. As soon as you are there, you scramble to open my zipper, panting heavily. You finally find my cock inside and pull it out. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t stop you from swallowing me whole, so quick do you have my cock buried deep to the back of your throat. I lurch forward, overwhelmed by the amazing sensation. Then I hold your head and guide your action on my super-hard cock. Your whining moan tells me that this is what you want.
“Do you like that? Do you like how my cock tastes in your mouth?”
“Oh, yes, I love your cock. Mmm, it tastes so good,” you say, coming up for air.
Then you’re back at it and I feel the world spinning around me as we sit under a spotlight on a stage with the music playing. I wonder for a moment if someone might come in, or if people from the neighbourhood might notice what’s happening inside and even now a crowd is gathering to look into the bar. Then I decide that I don’t care.
But I am worried that I’m going to blow my load in your mouth if we don’t stop this soon because you give very good head, the way your mouth and your hands work together is like magic.
“Mmm, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum. Do you want me to cum in your mouth or do you want me to fuck your pussy?”
I didn’t even finish the sentence and you pulled a condom out of god knows where and rolled it down my dick. Then you stood up and turned away from me, lowering yourself onto my pole.
You must be soaking wet because I slip into you like a dream as I watch your ass glide down my cock and I disappear inside your pussy. With one hand I grab the chair to stop the world from falling away from me and the other I put on your ass to slow you down a bit. I want to enjoy this and I’m sure you don’t want me to cum in two seconds flat, which is what’s going to happen if we don’t take it easy.
A brilliant idea to slow you down comes to mind and I lick my finger, getting it good and wet. Then, next time you slide up my shaft I use it to play with your asshole, again you chirp with pleasure. And your asshole is already soaked with your pussy juices and so my finger slides relatively easy into your backdoor.
“Oh, god, yes, finger my asshole. Treat me like a slut.”
“Do you want more fingers? Can your tight little asshole take more?”
“Two more, please, yes, two more.”
Who am I to deny someone who asks me so politely? And so one after another I slip two more fingers into your beautiful round ass. But if I thought it would slow you down, boy was I wrong. Three fingers must have meant high gear because now you’re slapping your ass down against me like a piston until it feels like you might break my wrist. And I can see you playing with your clit as you fuck me hard and fast.
“Oh, yes, oh yes oh yes oh yes fuck me fuck me fuck me like a slut. Yes. Yes.”
Seconds later I see the wave rise from your curled toes, through your legs and into your pussy, then the orgasm explodes up your body until the cry of pleasure launches out of your mouth. You press yourself down hard against me and grind your pussy against my pelvis as you reach with one hand to grab my balls and the other to find my asshole.
But I’m too far gone to make beyond the first hand and as soon as I feel your fingers wrap around my sack as my stiff cocks grinds against the inside of your pussy, I’m over the edge and cumming. It feels like a volcano erupting from the centre of my being and ejecting hot magma out the end of my shaft. Over and over my body jolts and rocks with pleasure – “oh fuck, yeah. Jesus Christ, yes.” – until there is nothing left inside of me and I collapse back on the chair.
You do likewise, leaning back against me and stroking my balls as my cocks slips inexorably out of you, giving me another round of shivers and goosebumps. You purr softly with the afterglow, then turn around on my lip and kiss me for the first time. It’s nice and you have a strong tongue that knows what it wants as you lick my lips and probe my mouth.
Then you give me one last kiss and look in my eyes. There’s an impish smile on your face and you wag your finger at me.
“Next time you’re the dirty little slut,” you admonish me.
I return the smile. “Deal."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worth The Wait

God, how long have we been chatting online, sending each other dirty messages and stories, getting all hot and bothered and then… nothing. “No”, you always say at a certain point in our post-cyber sex arguments, “you’re married and that’s not right.”
“As opposed to fucking me with your words?”
“That’s different.”
“It’s obvious.”
To tell you the truth I’d pretty much given up any hope of ever meeting you or knowing you other than as “my online affair” – the woman who fucks my mind but never my body. It’s not a very satisfying sexual relationship but we have some good laughs and your words do a good job of giving me erections.
Well, no one can say that you’re not an unpredictable gal any longer, that’s for sure. I don’t even know how you got my real name, to be honest. I sure never told you but you’re kind of a techie, so I’m sure there’s some IP address magic that you worked and about which I don’t have the first clue. Once you got that, everything else was easy.
When I pick up the phone and hear your voice, I don’t even know it’s you. We’ve never spoken before so, at first, I’m confused when you tell me your name. I roll it around on my tongue, muttering it to myself trying to place it. But as soon as I hear your giggle down the line, I know and my heart starts to pound. For maybe the first time ever, I’m left speechless and I stumble and stammer over my words.
“Don’t try to understand why now and why here, just answer me this: do you want to come over and fuck?”
Did you even have to ask. Well, even if I didn’t my dick sure did because it leaped to attention and peaked over the top of my pants to throw in its two cents worth. It wasn’t much of an argument.
"I'll be there in ten minutes," I reply. Now, on top of everything, my hands are shaking.
You feel kind of dizzy and sick and your heart is pounding just as hard as mine and you're a bit wet at the thought that in ten minutes I'll be at your door. You wonder if you might not answer it and though you know you will there’s some excitement in facing that choice.
The ten minutes is like a month as you pace and put on the kettle, then take off the kettle, then you drink a glass of water, then decide to change your clothes, then pace some more.
And, then, I'm at your door.
You just stand in the middle of your room with your eyes closed, knowing that this is the moment and feel your heart thumping against your rib cage, like a drunkard with a baseball bat trying to break out of jail. Your hand is shaking so badly that you can barely grab the handle. For a moment you wonder if you might actually pass out as you open the door, biting your lip. And I’m on the other side. I’m shaking too – my knees practically knocking together. But I’m struggling to look cool – god, I wish I hadn’t quit smoking last year.
"Uh, hi." I say and you laugh because, well, you thought I'd have more bravado but it's just me in front of you. It’s different than my online profile or chatting anonymously. So, you giggle and I join in, and it feels good. It takes the edge off. Now I’m less likely to puke whereas a minute ago, I wasn’t so sure.
You sigh and invite me in. A part of you hates yourself for doing this, taking this risk with me, committing infidelity, but even though you’re driving it, you can't stop this train now. It's left the station. The only thing to do is enjoy the scenery and the journey. So, you step into my arms... and our lips touch for the first time, just a light brushing. And the tips of our tongues touch as my hands rest upon your hips, enjoying the curve of them as they spread out to become your small, almost boyish ass. I’ve never been able to get the picture you sent me out of my head. Very quickly our hands move from their resting places to explore each other's bodies, feeling the shape and weight and size that we've only ever seen from those marvelous pictures.
But now we're real and warm and shaking in your front hall and panting a bit as our gentle kisses become more urgent and our hands search for skin under clothes. we begin to undress right there in the hallway. A year of suppressed hunger breaking through, demanding to be fed. We pull off our shirts and bring our bodies close together, feeling the warmth of my belly on yours, your chest on mine, savoring each others' skin. God, it feels like I might just burst into flames from your heat or melt right out from under your fingertips.
I press you against the wall and kiss your neck as you drag your fingers down my back and I work my way towards your magnificent breasts, breasts that I've dreamed of, breasts that I've imagined tasting. Then I wrestle with your bra, releasing them and slide the straps over your shoulders and arms, so that it drops to the floor. I slide my mouth down to your nipples and let my lips and cheek caress them. The power of this moment, that I’ve wanted so long, makes your nipples feel like knives against my skin; The sensual pleasure is so overwhelming that it almost hurts. And the nipples of your small, pert breasts look so massive, so yummy, like ripe cherries I take one of them in my mouth and savour how it feels inside my lips, against my tongue.
You moan softly and stroke my hair as I gobble your breasts and feel the curve of your ass. God, I want that ass. And you want me to have it. I can tell by the way you’re winding your hips, grinding them up against me. I reach behind you for the zipper on your skirt and slowly lower it.
“This is wrong,” you pant.
“Do you want me to stop,” I ask.
You bite your lip and then roll your head back. “God, no,” you reply and then surrender yourself to this moment, forgetting all else that it might mean.
And I pull your skirt over your ass, as you wiggle to speed it along its way. It’s work here is done and there’s more important things to do now. The feeling of the cool hallway air on your skin makes your breath catch in your throat and make gooseflesh rise on your ass. I stroke that flesh for the first time with my eyes closed, drinking it up, how it feels against my finger tips.
Then I peel off your thong, letting it fall to the floor. And I turn you around so that you face the wall. You arch your back so that you offer me the fullness of your ass. I am definitely not one to refuse this offering. I spread your legs and then your ass cheeks so that I can access your beautiful pussy lips with my tongue.
As the tip of my tongue touches your outer lips you gasp and pound your fist against the wall, inhaling sharply – “God, yes.” You spread your legs wider, wanting more of my tongue inside of you and arch your back further as I grip your thighs to push my face deeper into your ass. As I begin to slide my tongue in and out of you, I play with your clit with one hand and guide your ass against my face with the other, still holding your thigh. I’m so hot, licking you from your pussy lips back to your sweet, tight asshole and then back to your pussy once again.
Your moaning is getting louder, “yes, yes, yes, yes, Yes. Yes. Yes.”
You’re so wet and slippery and my cock is so hard in my pants, it hurts. I need to let it free and so I struggle to undo my pants as I continue tongue fucking and rimming you.
“God, I want your cock in me,” you plead.
I give up trying to multi-task so many and things and stand up to my full height as I let my pants drop to the floor, my dick point in the direction it wants to go. You back up towards me, wanting me inside of you. You can feel the ghost pleasure of anticipation. And then I take the head of my swollen cock and slip it just inside of your pussy, teasing you with it. I bite my lower lip with the pleasure. But it doesn’t matter because you’re beyond teasing at this point and you push your ass against me so that my whole cock is swallowed up by your hot wetness.
“Oh, Jesus,” I moan and grab your hips.
“Fuck me hard,” you demand.
I pump you from behind, our bodies slap together. With one hand I hold your ass, spanking it till you can see my red hand print there.
“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” you cry out as I take a handful of your hair, pulling your head back. As I’m thrusting deep inside of you, you’re playing with your clit, bringing yourself to orgasm – “harder, harder, harder.” Our bodies are slapping together, the sweat making it even louder as my balls pull up against my body. I’m hoping you cum soon because thinking about baseball games and dirty dishes isn’t going to work for much longer, your pussy just feels too hot and your ass slamming against me is too round and wonderful.
Your body wracks and twitches as you reach orgasm and you call out – “YES YES” – as you wind your hips against me so that I can feel my cock meeting every edge of the inside of your pussy. And you reach the extra distance to grab my balls and squeeze pushing me over the edge.
“HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK. YES. JESUS.” It feels like every drop of liquid in my body is passing through the end of my cock and maybe I’m even pulling moisture out of the air and the floorboards, I’m cumming so much. I have to lean forward against the wall, I’m shaking so badly.
“mmmmm, yes, baby,” you coo and wind your ass against me.
I collapse against you, pressing us both against the wall, as you turn yourself around to kiss me, while you milk the last of the cum from my balls your soft, long fingers. Our tongues roll over each other and we are slippery with the sweat of sex. I think that I’m going to have to sit down soon, my legs are shaking so badly.
“Let’s go to the bedroom,” you tease. “Now that you’re here, I want to get the most out of you.”
“You do, do you?”
“Mmmm, and I owe you a blow job.”
You’re definitely the kind of gal who knows how to make an offer a guy can’t refuse.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taking Advantage Of Public Facilities

I’m walking down the street to meet you and I have an enormous boner in my pants. It feels ridiculous and obvious, hanging there, bulging out against my loose, low-slung jeans. Every stupid little dog that walks past is staring at it. Dogs always know. I figure that their owners do too because dogs and their owners have some kind of weird psychic connection that I find a little creepy.
The reason I have a boner is because you want me to fuck you up the ass and I’ve never had anal sex before. In some ways I’m a typical guy and this is one of them: anal has been a fantasy for a long time but finding a woman who likes a hard cock deep inside her backdoor is a bit like finding good Canadian television: you know it exists but you’ve never seen it.
So, after years of daydreaming about watching my hot dog slip between a pair of buns while I watch some crappy porn with drooling idiots and jerking off, I’m finally going to get some anal action. And my dick is so hard it hurts.
The trouble is that there is a challenge or two to this anal adventure. Based only upon the written description you’ve sent me I have to pick out the right woman in a busy park at lunchtime. I’m to go up to you, assuming my choice is correct and the first words out of my mouth must be: “You look like the kind of slut that could use a good ass-fucking.” If I say anything else to you – even “hello” – the gig is off. And I’m back to whacking off. But it’s not like your description is so specific that there’s not going to be anyone else in the park – white, brunette, shoulder length, slender but strong, stylish but alternative, not much make-up, faded jeans, brown boots, black t-shirt. Well, that narrows it down to half the female population of Queen St. West.
And half the population of this park. If you’d thrown in “I’ll be carrying my yoga mat” you’d have reduced the numbers to about 20 women and given me a fighting chance. But, then, you said that you wanted me to work for a piece of your ass. And because I want your ass very, very badly after our phone sex adventure and the way you described how your tight little asshole would feel, well, I’m willing to take some risks.
I see a woman sitting on a bench by herself. She keeps checking her watch and she fits your description. It has to be you. But what if it’s not. Christ, I can’t go walking around calling women sluts. Never mind the politics of it, it’ll get my ass beat or throw in jail.
I’m starting to doubt this gig. A lot. I mean, what’s the big deal with asses anyway? Why this western world, capitalist obsession with asses? Why am I willing to risk everything – shit, I’m married – just to dip my manbits into some anonymous woman’s anus?
Because the thought is making pre-cum ooze out the end of my throbbing cock, that’s why.
Time to take the plunge. I walk up to the woman on the bench and I say the secret words: “You look like the kind of slut that could use a good ass-fucking.”
“And you look like the kind of asshole that could use a kick in the head.”
I feel like I might throw up right on top of this poor woman. Fuck, I’m an idiot. This ass-woman of mine is probably 16 and playing a trick on me with her girlfriends who are even now watching me from somewhere else and laughing their heads off.
The woman on the bench stands up. Then she grabs my package and looks me in the eyes. “Or maybe you need to follow me to somewhere more secluded.”
And then you turned and walked away – if it was you. Whoever it was had a nice ass and a pair of the hottest lips, full and round without any lipstick on them.
I walk behind you as we head towards the community centre on the other side of the park. We’re in a nice neighbourhood so this community centre is swank as hell. It’s the Hilton’s of community centres.
You don’t even look at me as we enter the building, which gives me a chance to admire your body from the rear.
What I don’t know is that your heart is beating faster than mine. You’ve decided that I actually look better in person than I did in the photo I sent you – which was kinda grainy and badly lit – as cellphone pics always are. You’re thinking about kissing me and feeling my tongue in your mouth. You got a good look at it when my mouth dropped open after you grabbed my dick and announced your intentions.
It’s the middle of the day so there’s hardly anybody in the centre, just some kids with the on-site daycare. And the afternoon senior’s swimming fitness class. There’s a lot of old people in shower caps. And I have a boner that could choke a horse. I’m just hoping that without their glasses none of the old gals can see it trying to poke its head through my jeans.
You lead me around the building to the handicap washroom and go inside. I watch you, uncertain if I’m to follow since you haven’t said a word to me. I watch the door close and wait a moment, looking around to see if anyone has seen us. Nope. I walk up and turn the handle: it’s open.
I’ll say this for you: you work fast. When I pull open the door it lets light spill into the unlit washroom. It’s a large space, big enough for a wheelchair to maneuver easily. And it has you in it, in only your bra and panties.
You grab me by the shirt and pull me inside, then reach behind me and lock the door.
It’s so dark that I can’t see anything at all but I can feel you undoing my belt and then my pants, which you push down to my ankles. Without hesitating you take my whole cock into your mouth and swallow it back all the way. I have to grab the wall beside me to steady myself – the wave of pleasure rolls up the shaft of my surprised cock, through my vibrating balls and down my shakey legs.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” I mumble.
You pay me no mind. This isn’t about swapping stories for you, you just want my cock and the first place you want it is in your mouth. You grab my ass and pull me into you so that I’m fucking your face in the dark, my hands holding your head, as much to stay upright as to guide your motion.
Damn, you’re good with your tongue. You swirl it around my cock, like an ice cream cone that’s going to melt on the sidewalk if you don’t act fast. Your hand spins up and down my shaft, now slick with your saliva. It’s fucking unbearable.
“No,” I tell you. “Or I’m going to cum right now.”
“Not a chance,” you reply. “Because now you’re going to eat my pussy.”
You stand up and while you hold my rock hard prick in one hand I can hear you fumbling around on the counter with the other. There is the click of a lighter and then the room glows softly in the flame. Using the lighter you light a small votive candle on the counter. Then you turn to me and kiss me deeply, your lips parting to let my tongue inside your mouth. Only your tongue is inside mine before I can take advantage of the opening.
As we kiss we press our bodies together there in the half-light and I can finally feel the gorgeous curves of your body, your round ass and strong back, your shoulders and neck. Up this close I can smell your hair, which is clean and smells like sage and other warm spices. It makes me want to eat you even more.
I’m so aroused my hands are shaking and you have to help me unclasp your bra, releasing your incredible breasts. I have to have them in my mouth and so I give each of them their due. I take the nipple of each in my mouth and taste them – you’ve put cocobutter on them. Mmm, chocolate covered nipples. And the more you eat them, the bigger they get – the biggest nipples I’ve ever sucked. But, then, they have to be to compete with the goosebumps that have risen all over your body – and which now spread to mine, your arousal driving mine to greater heights.
Your hips are rocking as I suck on your tits and you run your fingers through my hair, moaning softly. I push you back against the counter and then up on top of it. You know what I’m about to do and so your moans get more insistent and your breathing more erratic as I kiss you on the mouth and peel your panties down your legs.
As I take them down to your feet, I follow the panties with my tongue, tracing a path down to the bottom of you. Your skin tastes sweet and is tight and smooth against my tongue, the little hairs on your thighs tickling it. Your feet are soft but strong and erotic in themselves, and you moan softly as I trace my tongue around your ankle and then out to the nether region of your toes before heading back up to your calf.
Approaching your pussy I can feel your excitement rising, your legs spreading wider to welcome me, like a ship that’s been away from port for too long. Both your hands on my head guide me in with urgency and I’m not resisting at all as you rock your pelvis forward to give me better access to the sweet treat that I want so badly.
You have the smoothest pussy my tongue has ever caressed. It’s like you just waxed the day before so that you’d be ready to take advantage of the tongue fucking you were hoping you’d get from me. And I did promise it to you – and I’m not one to disappoint a beautiful, hot woman. Especially not one so certain about what she wants as you.
My tongue is pressed against your clit as you hold my face against you and wind your hips. Your legs are on my shoulders and I swear to god you’re going to stand on them the way you’re pushing. My arms are wrapped around your thighs, stroking them, exploring the rest of your body.
By now the counter is getting soaked with your juices and you reach around behind you to your purse. Inside you find what you’re looking for: lubricated condoms and you take one out, tearing it open with your teeth.
“Get up here,” you command and I’m too in awe of you to do anything but obey. So, I stand and you reach down and take hold of my cock, rolling the condom down it without any difficulty. I have to remember to ask you your technique. But there’s no chance now as you pull me towards you and direct my rock solid, latex encased cock into your pussy, so wet and slippery but still tight.
“Holy fuck that’s hot,” I moan.
“You like my pussy, baby,” you ask. Not that you need to.
“Jesus, yeah,” is all that I can manage.
“Don’t get too used to it,” you warn me. “This is just for extra lubrication.
And true to your word after a few thrusts you push me away from you, gently but firmly. Then you’re off the counter and you’ve produced a bottle of lube. I love a woman who thinks of everything. I never got past imagining my cock in your ass; the practicalities didn’t penetrate my ass-fuck brain. You hand me the bottle.
“Mmmm, make me slick baby,” you tell me and then turn around with your ass in the air to face me. Just seeing your ass in that candlelight made my balls try to climb onto my cock for a better look. But I kept my composure and squeezed some lube into your crack, massaging it around your asshole, then slipping a finger inside.
“Fuck me while you finger my asshole and get it ready for your cock.”
Your wish is my command – I think to myself and then direct my cock into your pussy. I bury it slowly, slowly, all the way in till I’m right up against you and you let out a little yelp of pleasure as you wind your hips.
I’m now up to two fingers in your tight little hole, sliding them in and out of you in synch with my cock. Then three fingers. I’m no expert but I think you’re ready and as if to confirm it, you pull a vibrator out of your purse.
“I want this in my pussy,” you tell me in a voice now throaty with pleasure.
I take the vibrator from you and turn it on so that it gives off a friendly hum. Then I slide it inside you enjoying the way that it makes you squirm and yelp uncontrollably.
The moment of truth has arrived. All my years of male fantasy are about to reach their pinnacle. I just hope that I can thrust more than twice before I blow my load because I can feel the pre-cum oozing out of the end of my prick. And my balls are so tight against me, I think that they might disappear inside.
But I take the head of my dick and massage your asshole with it. Your asshole opens a little and grabs at it as you back up towards me. So, I push it just inside of you, nice and easy.
“Fuck YES!” you holler.
I slide it further, inch by inch. You’re hyper-ventilating with the pleasure of my cock pushing into your back door as the vibrator stimulates your pussy. Soon I’m buried all the way up to my balls and we just hold still – letting the moment of sensory input wash over us. It feels the same but different. It feels fucking incredible, tight, pulling, active. Jesus.
There is silence, except for the soft hum of the vibrator inside of your cunt, doing its magic, workmanlike.
Then it’s like the Matrix, we go from moving in slow motion to suddenly full speed and you’re yelling and groaning – “Fuck my ass, fuck me, fuck my ass” – and I’m slamming up against your ass. Your hands are pressed up against the mirror for stability and we’re staring into each other’s eyes as we fuck and moan and grind until… until…
“Yes, yes, yes,” I’m going over the edge I can feel it and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Even if I could, I can’t stop you moving your hips, you’re an elemental force and you’re trying to get me so deep inside of you. I grab your ass cheeks and feel it rising from my toes, up my legs, through my thighs, gathering power in my stomach. It builds and builds until I feel like I might shatter my teeth I’m clenching them so hard.
I grip the wall and push myself all the way into you – “HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK. I’m cumming I’m cumming I’m cumming,” I scream and groan.
“yes, yes, yes. Fill me up. Fill me up,” you reply. And I oblige as an unbelievable amount of jizz gushes out of my cock inside of you. I wonder if I might overfill the condom but then another wave of pleasure washes over me and I forget everything else.
And my orgasm sends you into outer space as your knees buckle and you struggle to stay up and keep my cock buried in your ass. You grip the sink and arch your back, cursing and spasming as you are wracked with pleasure.
Finally, we both collapse onto our knees my cock still semi-hard and inside of you, we shake with the after tremors of the pleasure as I kiss your neck and we rock softly back and forth. The candle’s gone out in all the thrashing but it doesn’t matter because I’m seeing stars, giant flashes of white light that I can only assume are neurons exploding in my head.
“I brought a towel,” you whisper. “And there’s showers in the changeroom downstairs.” I definitely need to shower before I go home. And I know you won’t be here when I’m done showering.